Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The Legendary Adventures of the Pirate Queens by James Grant Goldin

James Grant Goldin’s novel The Legendary Adventures of the Pirate Queens is a rousing, funny, high seas adventure about Anne Bonny and Mary Read, the infamous female pirates who sailed with Calico Jack Rackam. When Mary Read—forced to dress as a man named Martin Read—and Peter Meredith—the man she secretly loves—are captured by Rackam’s crew during a raid on a merchant ship, Mary comes face-to-face with both Calico Jack and the notorious Anne Bonny. That’s where the adventure truly begins.

Anne begins to fall for the person she believes is Martin Read, which naturally incites the jealousy of her current lover Jack Rackam. However, when Anne learns the true identity of Martin, both women are forced to band together to try to save Jack and the crew from Captain Charles Vane, who is hell-bent on revenge against Rackam for a prior mutiny. Anne’s former husband, the takeover of their pirate haven by Governor Woodes Rogers, the attacking Spanish, and just general pirate mayhem only add to the trouble facing Anne and Mary. Will the two pirate women triumph over the insurmountable task before them or fall prey to the hangman’s noose?

Self-published in 2012, The Legendary Adventures of the Pirate Queens is filled with wonderful historical characters who are relatable and a delight to read about. The settings are rich and believable, and the historical details are weaved beautifully throughout the story. Fast-paced and an absolute joy to read, the book is geared toward adults.

Although I’m a pirate historical buff, Goldin surprised me more than once with some of the splendid details and historical events in the story. He is a master storyteller, and I cannot wait to read his next novel, which will hopefully be a sequel to this book. I highly recommend this novel to any pirate lovers, historical buffs, and anyone who wants to read a truly entertaining story.

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