Thursday, December 20, 2012

Feud by Derek Birks

In 1459 England stands on the brink of chaos. The most powerful nobleman in the land, Richard of York, and the weak king, Henry of Lancaster, prepare to settle their differences on the battlefield. As the rule of law breaks down all over England old scores are being settled.

For a long time the Elders and the Radcliffes have been, at best, uncomfortable neighbours but when Ned Elder’s father and brother are murdered and his sisters abducted by the Radcliffes, the young knight is forced to flee from his home. His sister Emma is torn from the quiet harmony of her household and forced into marriage. Eleanor, her wild and beautiful younger sister, is condemned to imprisonment in a remote nunnery. However, neither Ned nor his sisters are willing to concede all to the Radcliffes without a fight. And so the feud begins …

Feud is the story of a bitter struggle, a story of fighting back against all odds. 

The fate of the Elders hangs upon more than just Ned's skill with a sword, but on the courage of his sisters and the girl he loves, as the feud is played out amid the blood and misery of the Wars of the Roses.

Feud by Derek Birks is an action novel set in England during the tensions of the War of the Roses. It centers around two fictional families, the Elders and the Radcliffes and the bitter dispute between them over  a kidnapping and murders in a near lawless country politically divided.

This novel, from start to finish, is packed full of action with descriptive fight scenes, an engaging romance, and compelling characters who never cease to surprise, and intense adversities to overcome. The plot moves at a very fast pace with plenty of twists and turns along the way. Derek Birks is an author who has done an enormous amount of research into this era and he truly knows how to bring the era to life. There is something here for everyone. 

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