Friday, December 28, 2012

The Midwife's Revolt by Jodi Daynard

The Midwife’s Revolt takes the reader on a journey to the founding days of America. It follows one woman’s path, Lizzie Boylston, from her grieving days of widowhood after Bunker Hill, to her deepening friendship with Abigail Adams and midwifery, and finally to her dangerous work as a spy for the Cause. Much has been written about our founding men. But The Midwife’s Revolt is unique in that it opens a window onto the lives of our founding women as well.

Author Jody Daynard’s historical novel, The Midwife’s Revolt, takes us deep into the heart of America at the start of the American Revolution. It was a time of turmoil with strong sentiments for independence and freedom from England’s rule. Through the eyes of Lizzie Boylston, a young widow and midwife from an upper class who married a man of lesser means, the politics and emotions of time come alive. By virtue of her role as a midwife and her idealistic support for the revolutionist cause, Lizzie finds herself embroiled with the people and causes that began and organized the revolt.

Although the novel begins slowly, the story soon gains momentum and becomes truly engaging, for it is a beautifully written tale with a compelling narrative. The heroine is compelling, not only because of her struggles and desperate circumstances, but for her boldness, wisdom, honesty, and compassion regardless of who she is aiding. There were periods of humor as well as drama throughout.  This is very much a novel about the women during this tumultuous period in history, an important perspective to gain a well-rounded understanding. 

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