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Sunday's Child by Rosemary Morris

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Georgianne Whitley’s happy life ends after the death of her beloved father and brothers. Sunday’s Child, Georgianne Whitley, must cope with her widowed mother in order to secure her happiness and that of her two younger sisters.

When Rupert, Major Tarrant returns to England from Spain in 1813, his family expect him to marry and father an heir, but although Tarrant wants to please his relations he has compelling reasons for not wanting to have a child.

A rich, elderly suitor desperate for a male heir seeks Georgianne’s hand in marriage. Although the titled man’s offer would improve her situation, she hesitates to accept his proposal.

Georgianne, who has known Tarrant since she was in the nursery, turns to him for help. She knows he is quixotic and that he will never fail her. Yet, even in order to help her sisters she is not sure as to whether or not she wants to accept his solution to her problems.

Tarrant admires dainty Georgianne and wants to protect her, but if he expects her to conform to Regency conventions and manners, he will be surprised. Sunday’s child is ‘fair of face’ but she is not a ‘bread and butter Miss’. Neither Tarrant nor Georgianne can guess what the future holds.


Sunday’s Child is a historical romance set during the Regency period in England. The novel is comfortable to read, filled with believable characters whose lives become complicated through no fault of their own, even though they must confront and overcome their own adversities. Georgianne is a courageous, spirited heroine who holds to her convictions in order to preserve what matters most to her. Conformity is definitely not one of her qualities, which makes for a well-rounded, interesting heroine. At the same time, Major Rupert Tarrant is steadfast, honorable, and utterly romantic. The mutual need for these characters to marry is what slowly binds them together.

This is another refreshing romance by author Rosemary Morris – easy to read, sweet, and nicely old-fashioned. Excellent writing with clever dialogue are present throughout, as is a compelling storyline. For anyone who loves romances set in the Regency era, this is definitely a lovely novel to settle down with at the end of a hectic day.
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