Friday, January 11, 2013

The Blighted Troth by Mirella Sichirollo Patzer

Review by Christina Dionne, Guest Blogger:

Love and treachery, faith and loss, forgiveness and triumph 

in the turbulent world of the 18th century.

In 1702, on the eve of Emilie’s wedding to Robert, she catches the eye of the unscrupulous overlord, Richard Tonnacour who threatens to kill the parish priest if he performs the marriage. His eyes set on Emilie, the overlord attempts to kidnap Emilie, setting off a catastrophic chain of events that turns Emilie’s life, and that of her betrothed, into a desperate flight for their lives, separating them, and sending them straight into the arms of peril. Emilie and Robert’s plight sweeps them into the convents and taverns, the riots and small-pox epidemics of the new world where they face death and discover the true meaning of love and forgiveness. 

The Blighted Troth is a retelling of the classic novel, The Betrothed (I Promessi Sposi) by Alessandro Manzoni. Inspired by this epic Italian classic novel; a new and captivating tale in a new setting, a new century, and with new plot twists while remaining faithful to key story elements.

Oh I loved it! It's a love story with lots of intrigue, drama, history, and suspense and a good combination of all of that with a nice twist at the ending which I did not expect. I don't usually go for love stories as some are just so "fluffy" But Mirella Patzer is not a fluffy writer. She weaves in lots of other stuff to make it real.

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