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Pemberley to Waterloo by Anna Elliott

Book Blurb

Can their love withstand the trials of war?

Georgiana Darcy and Edward Fitzwilliam want only to be together. But when the former Emperor Napoleon escapes from his exile on the Isle of Elba, Britain is plunged into renewed war with France ... and Edward is once more called away to fight.

To be with the man she loves, Georgiana makes the perilous journey to Brussels, in time to witness the historic downfall of Napoleon at the Battle of Waterloo. But when Edward is gravely injured in the battle, she will need more courage than she ever knew she had to fight for their future together.

Pemberley to Waterloo is the sequel to Georgiana Darcy's Diary and is Book 2 of the Pride and Prejudice Chronicles.


In the first part of this three book series, Georgiana Darcy endures misunderstandings and the honourable restraint of her beau, finally achieving her goal of becoming betrothed to Edward Fitzwilliam.

Written in diary form, the reader is shown the thoughts that are behind the sweet, unspoilt and loving but shy and retiring girl we all know of in Pride and Prejudice. She also weaves stories for Kitty Bennett - who is almost as much trouble as Lydia, and Caroline Bingley, whose jealousy of everyone's happiness makes her bitter and vengeful - until she finds true love herself.

Georgiana has been in love with Edward Fitzwilliam since she was six years old. Not a young girl's unrealistic infatuation for her guardian, this, but a mature, enduring devotion that will last through all privations - including his near-fatal injury at Waterloo when she goes to Brussells to nurse him.

Ms Elliott's research of the Napoleonic war is wonderful, something Miss Austen never did for her readers, and I became fascinated enough to look up details about the Duchess of Richmond's Ball on the eve of the final battle. Georgiana and Kitty are caught up in the aftermath of Waterloo, and care for wounded and dying soldiers. The reality must have been dreadful, but the author deals with it perfectly, with just enough raw emotion but without sentimentality or being overly explicit.

The emotion of all her characters, from Georgiana herself who commits her feelings to her diary, to Kitty Bennet's regret and Harriett Forster's grief, is beautifully handled. I particularly loved the scene where Elizabeth gives birth to Darcy's son while he is delayed by a snowstorm - their final reunion being worthy of any BBC drama moment.

I'm now a devoted fan of Ms Elliott's novels, an author who deserves much success with her writing.

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