Friday, May 31, 2013

Reign by Ginger Garrett

Beyond the Drama, Her Heart Was Real

From the moment her marriage to prince Ahab thrusts her into the intrigues of palace life, Jezebel’s exotic beauty opens doors and her will breaks down walls. Torn from her homeland and wed to power in a strange country, Jezebel vows to create a legacy and power all her own. Some might call her a manipulative schemer, bent on having her way. But they don’t know the whole story, and she was much, much worse.

As she moves through the halls of power, her heart struggles between devotion to the gods she worships, the prince who loves her, and her thirst for revenge. She sparks a battle between her strangely powerless gods and the God of palace administrator Obadiah—a God who confronts her with surprising might. She will fight, though victory may cost her everything.

Reign is the fictionalized biography of the notorious Jezebel of the Bible. The story opens with Jezebel’s hatred of her twin sister and shoving her to her death in a sacrifice.

The story unfolds through the point of view of Jezebel, her husband Prince Ahab, and Obadiah, a palace administrator. What makes this novel unique is the fact that the main heroine is abhorrent to our modern day sensibilities. As queen, she promotes murder and sacrifice, killing infants, rampant prostitution, the drinking of blood, worship of numerous gods, and pure evil. You will not like her, a most unusual predicament for most readers.

Yet the story, although slow in places, was compelling and shocking enough to hold my interest. I love a good villain - the more vile, the better. Well written and woven with intriguing historical details, this novel was a very unusual, but interesting read, one that is still haunting me.


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