Friday, May 3, 2013

Rubies of the Viper by Martha Marks


When her brother is murdered in first-century Rome, Theodosia Varro inherits the family estate, going from poverty and isolation to great wealth and a prestigious position in society. Unfortunately, she lives in a time and a place that deny women of her class the very things she most desires: personal freedom and self-determination. Only by identifying her brother's killer can she feel safe, yet her efforts take her in quite the opposite direction. After her own actions and the scheming of others lead to catastrophe, Theodosia struggles to survive and recover what matters most in her life.

Rubies of the Viper is a gripping mystery set in first century Rome during the reigns of the Emperors Claudius and Nero. If you’re looking for a real page turner – the kind of book that stays in your thoughts the entire day until you can open it up and read again, then this is the book for you. It’s got compelling characters who are unpredictable and fascinating; beautiful descriptions to make ancient Rome come alive; plenty of conflict with unpredictable twists and turns; and an incredible storyline.

Theodosia Varro leaves the slums of Rome to claim the vast fortune and a fabulous villa she has inherited from her unscrupulous, villainous brother who was murdered by persons unknown. Young and unmarried, Theodosia soon finds herself the love interest of several men, all eager to get a hold of her vast inheritance. She is warned to beware of slaves, friends, and patrician nobles – all who may have had something to do with her brother’s murder. And if her brother is murdered, then she may also become prey for the same reasons. Vulnerable, Theodosia must weave through a murky world filled with scrupulous and unscrupulous persons whose motives are all suspect. The novel’s title stems from a beautiful set of goblets in Theodosia’s villa that are embossed with a snake with ruby eyes. These goblets hold a great secret.

Rubies of the Viper is a wonderfully complex, opulent story! The plot us lush, the characters intriguing, and the mystery gripping. Get this book! Get it now! It’s more than worth it.

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