Monday, June 10, 2013

Union Station by Ande Parks and Eduardo Barreto

Union Station is the story of the Kansas City Union Station Massacre of 1933. I’m not normally a reader of American History, but since I live less than thirty minutes from the story’s setting and visited Union Station many times, I had a personal interest in this graphic novel.

The story is about the investigation following the murder of four officers and one fugitive and is filled with violence, intrigue and conspiracy.

 Ande Parks (writer) and Eduardo Barreto (illustrator) make the historical and fictional characters real and sympathetic – even the villains. The story is an absorbing read and well worth the hour it will take from your afternoon. However, I strongly recommend reading the footnote pages at the end of the book before reading the novel. I suspect it will help the reader keep the characters straight as there are a lot. The footnotes are also fascinating if you enjoy history.

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