Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Reuben the Fisherman: A Tale of Roman Occupied Palestine by Don Snuggs

Reuben the Fisherman:

A biblical inspired novel, that takes a familiar parable and twists it into a riveting narrative. In Roman occupied Jerusalem, a young paralysed man is cured by an enigmatic healer. Suddenly able to walk, he is sent forth to live his life by the preacher. Disorientated by the seeming miracle, he is arrested and accused of being an accomplice of the healer - a known opponent of the ruling regime. Reuben is tortured by the regime, but escapes. Fleeing to Galilee he finds work as a fisherman, spending his days at sea to avoid the temple police. Hard-working Reuben is promoted by his boss - after his two sons have gone off with a preacher. After a number of sea-based adventures, Reuben settles into life as a respectable business man and landowner. However, he starts to hear stories of a great man, a preacher, and the miracles that he performs. Sceptical, but intrigued, Reuben finally meets the preacher - the man who healed him - and so begins Reuben's real adventures.

REUBEN THE FISHERMAN is a small novel that packs a powerful punch. It is the Biblical tale of Reuben, the paralyzed man whom Jesus miraculously healed and cured his paralysis. The story line picks up where the Bible story ends, delving into what happens to poor Reuben after his ability to walk is returned to him.

Life becomes immediately difficult for Reuben. Almost immediately he is arrested and interrogated for his encounter with the radical Jesus. He manages to escape and flees to Galilee where he is befriended by Zebedee the fisherman. Zebedee’s two sons have joined Jesus and abandoned his father and their family fishing business. Zebedee gives Reuben meaningful work fishing and soon earns the trust of his employer. This earns him a promotion and a comfortable life. As time progresses, so does the word and teachings of Jesus and soon, it deeply affects Reuben’s own life.

The charm of this clever little book is in its simplicity. There aren’t a lot of pages and the writing is told in a simple, easy to read modern style. The focus is not on the historical detail, but rather on the strong moral message of the story. It can be enjoyed by readers of all levels and ages. It is an easy, enjoyable read which will appeal to many readers, especially those who enjoy Christian fiction.

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