Monday, July 22, 2013

The Princess of Dhagabad: The Spirit of the Ancient Sands by Anna Kashina

When, on the day of her age-coming, the princess of Dhagabad opens a mysterious bronze bottle – a gift from her grandmother – she has no idea that she is about to unleash a power older than the world itself. Worse, she is not prepared for the bearer of this power to be a handsome man whose intense gray eyes pierce her very soul. Hasan, her new slave, is immeasurably wiser and stronger than anyone she has ever heard of, and he is now hers to command – if she can handle him, that is.

This story winds its way through the hearts of its heroine, hero and reader in  a slow-building, but  inexorable and completely satisfying love story that features history, philosophy and myth.  What’s more, I felt the author made the idea of an ancient force of nature falling in love with the young and innocent heroine believable, rather than creepy.

Sensuous and intelligent, The Princess of Dhagabad is set within an alternative universe where gods, djinns and sorcerers do magical and philosophical battle. The Spirit of the Ancient Sands is  the first book in a trilogy by a talented new author.

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