Monday, August 12, 2013

A Hostage to Heritage by Suzanne Adair

Book #2 of Suzanne Adair's Michael Stoddard American Revolution Thrillers Series.

A boy kidnapped for ransom. And a madman who didn't bargain on Michael Stoddard's tenacity. Spring 1781. The American Revolution enters its seventh grueling year. In Wilmington, North Carolina, redcoat investigator Lieutenant Michael Stoddard expects to round up two miscreants before Lord Cornwallis's army arrives for supplies. But his quarries' trail crosses with that of a criminal who has abducted a high-profile English heir. Michael's efforts to track down the boy plunge him into a twilight of terror from radical insurrectionists, whiskey smugglers, and snarled secrets out of his own past in Yorkshire.

In the second book of Suzanne Adair’s Michael Stoddard American Revolution mystery thriller series, the reader finds themselves in the year 1781. When a group of bandits kidnap a noblewoman’s son, Michael Stoddard is once again assigned to investigate. Numerous twists and turns link Stoddard with the mother in an incredible, unpredictable way.

Once again, Suzanne Adair has written a wonderful whodunit with plenty of intrigue, interest, and thrills. Wonderfully complex characters and a fascinating story line are coupled with terrific writing. And all this makes this a great book to sink your teeth in. Although this is the second book in the series, it stands alone and does not have to be read after the first book. Michael Stoddard is a charismatic protaganist, highly likeable, cursed with a touch of bad luck that always makes the story more interesting. 

Suzanne Adiar knows how to write a great whodunit in a challenging historical period as its setting. There’s always lots going on in Suzanne’s novels. The story never lags and keeps a reader’s interest until the end. With every new release, her books get better and better. Bravo Suzanne! Another great one to add to your list of books. Very enjoyable!

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