Monday, August 12, 2013

Regulated for Murder by Suzanne Adair

Book #1 of Suzanne Adair's Michael Stoddard American Revolution Thrillers Series.

For ten years, an execution hid murder. Then Michael Stoddard came to town. Bearing a dispatch from his commander in coastal Wilmington, North Carolina, redcoat Lieutenant Michael Stoddard arrives in Hillsborough in February 1781 in civilian garb. He expects to hand a letter to a courier working for Lord Cornwallis, then ride back to Wilmington the next day. Instead, Michael is greeted by the courier's freshly murdered corpse, a chilling trail of clues leading back to an execution ten years earlier, and a sheriff with a fondness for framing innocents--and plans to deliver Michael up to his nemesis, a psychopathic British officer.

Praise for Regulated for Murder, a Suspense Magazine "Best of 2011:"

"Driven by a desire to see justice done, no matter what guise it must take, [Michael Stoddard] is both sympathetic and interesting." – Motherlode

Regulated for Murder is historical murder mystery set in colonial North Carolina towards the end of the American Revolution. This whodunit has plenty of suspense, a thrillingly complicated plot, and a wonderful, flawed, but brilliant hero!

Lieutenant Michael Stoddard has been ordered to carry a message to Lord Cornwallis through a contact named Ezra Griggs murdered. But when he arrives at Ezra’s cabin, Michael discovers the man’s brutal murder. Even worse, he soon finds himself as a suspect in the victim’s murder. Even more incredible, he is forced by local authorities to investigate the murder. With plenty of suspects, and the fact that Michael must keep his identity as a member of the British army a secret lest he be executed for spying, the pressure is on! Desperate to get out of his predicament, and with time running out, Michael learns that solving this murder is no easy task.

This is mystery writing at its best. The characters are all intriguing. Suzanne Adair kept me on edge, never fully believing or disbelieving any of the suspects. Michael Stoddard was everything any reader would want in a hero, handsome, talented, decent, intelligent, and most of all really unlucky! Misfortune seems to find him and makes his tasks challenging. And of course, there is a wonderful love interest by the name of Kate Duncan which adds plenty of drama to the suspense. There is a ripe picking of villains too!

Suzanne has worked hard in her research to really bring this era alive in her story. An excellent author with a creative muse that promises more great mysteries. If you love a great murder mystery in a fascinating historical setting, I highly recommend you read this novel!

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