Thursday, January 16, 2014

The Lost Duchess by Jenny Barden

Back Cover Blurb

An action-packed epic Elizabethan adventure with a thriller pace, a high tension love story, and the romance of the high seas. Emme Fifield has fallen about as far as a gentlewoman can. Once a lady-in-waiting to Queen Elizabeth, her only hope of surviving the scandal that threatens to engulf her is to escape England for a fresh start in the New World, where nobody has ever heard of the Duchess of Somerset. Emme joins Kit Doonan’s rag-tag band of idealists, desperados and misfits bound for Virginia. But such a trip will be far from easy and Emme finds her attraction to the mysterious Doonan inconvenient to say the least...
From it's shocking and gripping opening chapter of this novel by author Jenny Barden, the reader is hooked. I could not help but feel empathy for the heroine's plight and her need to start a new life away from the scandal that threatens to destroy her life through no fault of her own. So she finds a way to escape to the New World via a ship of settlers. It is to the infamous Roanoke that they are to venture to, where the mystery of what happened to its inhabitants has yet to be understood. What follows is a wonderfully complex story of intrigue, mystery, hardship, and betrayal. 
There is not one, but two horrible villains, and a wonderfully smart, savvy hero named Kit Doonan, that one cannot help but like. I was impressed with the author's historical research that really brought to life the struggles early settlers faced in America. The heroine, Emme, is also portrayed with credibility and empathy. This book is definitely an adventure story with strong elements of danger and a definite love story weaved therein. With its roots in Colonial America as wells as Elizabethan England, there is much to enjoy if one loves history. A nicely written novel with a compelling story!

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