Saturday, February 1, 2014

Woman of the Mists by Lynn Sholes


From the Back Cover

Long before the arrival of Columbus to the new world, a magnificent and brave people flourished in a verdant tropical land. Their culture, steeped in spiritual life and tradition, provided them sacred wisdom and strength that survived generations. In this land of abundance, a young a woman, Teeka, surrendered her heart to the shaman’s son, Auro. But when a raiding rival tribe invaded their peaceful village and she was stolen away by their leader, her life changed forever.

My Review

In the days before North America was discovered, one woman is torn between love for Auro, the Shaman’s son, and a forced marriage to Kaho, the chief of an enemy band. I enjoyed reading about the intricacies of daily chores, religious rituals, and the roles of gender, class, and age. At the heart of the story is a fading romance that is replaced by a blooming romance as Teeka blends in with a new culture and learns to love the man she was forced to marry.

There are wonderful scenes that made me rejoice as well as sadden. I was fascinated by Auro’s fall, an examination of the human spirit denied true love. This book has it all – shocks, tears, hope, hatred, love, and honor. The pace of the story was perfect and I found myself thinking of the characters whenever I wasn’t reading. The characters are memorable, ever evolving, and complex. It is a gentle tale, told without little drama, but in a realistic way. A tantalizing, visual read, which I highly recommend.

Written and reviewed by Mirella Sichirollo Patzer

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