Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Tyringham Park by Rosemary McLoughlin

Back Cover Blurb

Rosemary McLoughlin elegantly captures period glamour and darkness in Tyringham Park - a brilliant and epic tale of love and loss.

It is 1917 and Charlotte Blackshaw is only eight years old when her little sister Victoria vanishes from the magnificent country estate of Tyringham Park. The feverish search for Victoria soon uncovers jealousies and deceits that the inhabitants of the grand house have fought for years to keep hidden.

As the years pass and her sister's disappearance casts a long shadow over their lives, Charlotte finds herself embroiled in the passions and secrets, lives and deaths, trysts and betrayals that affect the days of everyone connected to this once great house.

And though she tries to escape, she knows that Tyringham Park and its mysteries will never release their hold on her . . .

Book Review

Tyringham Park is an epic family saga about the wealthy Blackshaw family who live on a large estate in Ireland. The story begins when the youngest daughter, a young child named Victoria, goes missing. As the story unfolds, the personalities and motivations of family and servants within the household are slowly revealed as the family structure begins to fall apart. At the heart of the story is Charlotte. Ignored by her cold, unloving mother, she suffers horrendous abuse by her nanny.

I love historical family sagas and this book provided me with hours of pure enjoyment. I love how the characters changed and/or interacted with each other. They were unpredictable, each with their own faults. Although the novel is quite long, and at times a little slow, in no way did this take away from my enjoyment. I continued to be interested in the story. With an unforgettable surprise ending, I definitely recommend this book to all who love family drama and epic stories of great depth. A wonderful read, that’s for certain!

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