Monday, June 23, 2014

Carenza's Heirs by Felicity Knight


Carenza Heston has settled down with her new husband Hugh in the village of Nether Heydon in Worcestershire. Her antiques business keeps her independent as her eldest daughters, Lily and Georgia, make ready for the wider world. 

At Durham University Lily falls in and out of love with Janyn Beckworth. She thinks she's learned the hard way how Mr Right can turn out to be Mr Wrong. 
But Janyn is only getting started. 

Resolved to start her life afresh and to keep her old flame out of it, Lily and her family can only guess at the love and hate that festers when it drives the father of Lily's son to unthinkable acts that plunge their comfortable lives into a nightmare. 

In graceful and enchanting prose Felicity Knight has written a great family novel that spans three generations as, slowly and by stealth, the past catches up with the Hestons.

Review by Mirella Patzer:

Carenza’s Heirs is the sequel to Carenza’s Journey, a family saga about a young woman named Carenza Heston and her children. Carenza runs a highly successful antiques business, which she hopes to leave to her twins, Lily and Georgia. While Lily and Georgina are at university, Lily meets a young man named Janyn who begins to consume all her time. He is possessive and controlling, and this leaves Georgia frustrated at the loss of contact with her twin. Lily seems blind to Janyn’s faults as Georgia tries unsuccessfully to separate the two lovers. Janyn is a titled, but penniless aristocrat who desires Lily for her money. Soon Lily learns he is controlling and abusive, and when she finds herself pregnant, flees the relationship, keeping her condition secret. But Janyn is not so easily got rid of. He makes several attempts to get Lily back, but failed. Subsequently, he moves on with his life and Lily moves on with hers. The past, however, has an uncanny way of returning to haunt those involved. Through numerous twists and turns, the family is thrown into danger and conflict.

When I began reading this novel, I was unaware there was a previous book to the series. It was reassuring to learn that the story carried well on its own, and you don’t have to read the first book to enjoy the sequel. Lovely prose and intriguing characters made this a very enjoyable book. I always enjoy good villains, and Janyn kept me intrigued to the very end. There is also a good love story or two thrown in to delight readers! All in all, this is a great family saga! Very enjoyable.

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