Sunday, June 29, 2014

Crossing the Rubicon: A Journey in the Time of Apartheid by Eric de la Harpe

Much has been experienced. 
Some has been forgiven. 
Nothing has been forgotten.

This ever-changing story is a journey of discovery from beginning to end. Seen through the eyes of a white South African, it reveals a period of rapid change and the following challenges that faced an entire country. 

Based on real events, this novel relates an untold story in considerable detail. It opens a vivid window into the history of apartheid in South Africa and the role that the late Nelson Mandela played in the lives of ordinary people.

"This novel deserves to be widely read… 
The prose is seductive and the dialogue crackles with personality." 
Writer's Digest Annual Self-Published Book Awards


CROSSING THE RUBICON is a coming of age story about a young boy growing to manhood in Apartheid South Africa. Painful at times, and written with depth and emotion, I was exposed to the hardships of prejudicial way of life that in its dying days. The novel spans several decades and culminates with Nelson Mandela when he retires as President.

There were plenty of good descriptions to make the setting come alive, heart-wrenching scenes, and a memorable main character. It gives a very good historical perspective of what it was like to live in South Africa before the abolishment of Apartheid.

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