Sunday, August 3, 2014

Beautiful Fools: The Last Affair of Zelda and Scott Fitzgerald by R. Clifton Spargl

A mesmerizing novel about the dying love and dwindling marriage of a famous couple

Book Summary

In this evocative and meticulously detailed novel about the last romance of one of America's greatest literary couples, R. Clifton Spargo crafts an exhilarating portrait of the passionate yet tragically dysfunctional relationship between F. Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald. 

In 1939 Scott is living in Hollywood, a virulent alcoholic and deeply in debt. Despite his relationship with gossip columnist Sheila Graham, he remains fiercely loyal to Zelda, his soul mate and muse. In an attempt to fuse together their fractured marriage, Scott arranges a trip to Cuba, where, after a disastrous first night in Havana, the couple runs off to a beach resort outside the city. But even in paradise, Scott and Zelda cannot escape the dangerous intensity of their relationship. 

In Beautiful Fools, R. Clifton Spargo gives us a vivid, resplendent, and truly human portrait of the Fitzgeralds, and reveals the heartbreaking patterns and unexpected moments of tenderness that 
characterize a great romance in decline. 

Book Review

Beautiful Fools is a poignant, heartwrenching, and tender portrayal of a couple who desperately try to hang on to a doomed love. Zelda and F. Scott Fitzgerald had risen to great heights, but the Great Depression and drink and mental illness have taken their toll upon their lives and their marriage. So, in 1939, Fitzgerald leaves his mistress and scrapes up enough money to take Zelda out of the mental institution for a vacation in Cuba. This novel spans those precious dwindling few days. 

Spargo's portrayal of this famous husband and wife is beautifully rendered depicting Zelda's love for her husband and her attempt to keep any bitterness against him for past faults like not taking her dancing seriously and for writing abouther. Scott on the other hand, struggles to keep his drinking at bay for his wife's sake, his reckless behavior, his lies, his secrets. 

This character driven story is a beautiful rendition of their lives, of lost love, of dying dreams, of the struggle to let go of the past. The author has given us an indepth look at the secrets and failures of this very fascinating couple.

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