Friday, September 12, 2014

Supernatural Enhancements by Edgar Cantero

A Magnificent Ghost Story

Back Cover Blurb

A mesmerizing novel...what begins as a gothic ghost story soon evolves into a wickedly twisted treasure hunt in The Supernatural Enhancements, Edgar Cantero's wholly original, modern-day adventure.

When twenty-something A., the European relative of the Wells family, inherits a beautiful, yet eerie, estate set deep in the woods of Point Bless, Virginia, it comes as a surprise to everyone—including A. himself. After all, he never knew he had a "second cousin, twice removed" in America, much less that his eccentric relative had recently committed suicide by jumping out of the third floor bedroom window—at the same age and in the same way as his father had before him . . .

Together with A.’s companion, Niamh, a mute teenage punk girl from Ireland, they arrive in Virginia and quickly come to feel as if they have inherited much more than just a rambling home and an opulent lifestyle. Axton House is haunted... they know it...but the presence of a ghost is just the first of a series of disturbing secrets they slowly uncover. What led to the suicides? What became of the Axton House butler who fled shortly after his master died? What lurks in the garden maze – and what does the basement vault keep? Even more troubling, what of the rumors in town about a mysterious yearly gathering at Axton House on the night of the winter solstice?

Told vividly through a series of journal entries, cryptic ciphers, recovered security footage, and letters to a distant Aunt Liza, Edgar Cantero has written an absorbing, kinetic and highly original supernatural adventure with classic horror elements that introduces readers to a deviously sly and powerful new voice.


Be prepared for an unusual reading experience. Of all the books I’ve ever read, this book has to be the most unique book I’ve ever read. The story does not unfold through narrative. Rather, it is written in epistolary in style, the story revealed through letters, descriptions of closed circuity video footage, diaries, journal entries, and notes written between the two protagonists, a man named A. and a deaf mute woman named Niamh.

The story is a Gothic ghost story, where A. inherits a mansion from a distant relative he has never met. Along with the mansion comes a lot of wealth. What follows is a wonderful creative tale that builds suspense through plot twists, unusual occurrences, and minor mysteries that need to be solved.

Because of this unusual method of storytelling, the tale unfolds with more impact as we experience things through the main character’s perspectives. The reader is able to engage in a more intimate manner with the characters. The video descriptions truly play out like the reader is watching, giving it credence and a sense of realism.

For those who want an easy read and to enjoy a wonderfully unique method of storytelling, one that has plenty of suspense and mystery, then this cozy ghost story is definitely recommended. 

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