Wednesday, October 8, 2014

I, Morgana by Felicity Pulman

Back Cover Blurb

After being schooled in magic by Merlin and promised a kingdom, Morgana is robbed of her birthright and betrayed by everyone she has ever trusted and loved. Risking everything for revenge, Morgana uses her magical arts to trap Merlin, threaten her half-brother King Arthur, and turn away the only man she will ever love. In her quest to destroy Arthur and Camelot, Morgana sets in motion a catastrophe that threatens the future of her world. Can she put things right before it's too late, or has she sealed their fate forever? This is the untold story of Morgan le Fay, one of the most enigmatic—and reviled—characters in Arthurian legend.


In Arthurian legend, Morgana le Fay was the bitter and angry half-sister of King Arthur. In the novel I, Morgana, author Felicity Pulman has written a first person narrative from this fascinating bad girl’s point of view. It is always a challenge making an antagonist the protagonist, so readers should be prepared that they may not like Morgana much at all, because she is the villain of the story.

I always enjoy first person narratives because they make for a more powerful point of view. In this novel, this is definitely the case as readers learn about Morgana’s determined spirit, how her love for author turned into anger and jealousy and ultimately her obsession for revenge. Although the story lags in the middle, the ending did provide closure and a sense of satisfaction when Morgana finally experienced a sense of remorse over the part she played in the destruction of Camelot. This novel is more fantasy than historical fiction because of the heavy magical elements. I thoroughly enjoyed the writing and the first person narrative. 

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