Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The Ouroboros Key by Patricia Leslie

Prophetic dreams have haunted Dan Tenney since childhood, foretelling him of a life-changing event that is soon to take place. But before he can learn the meaning of his visions, he is attacked by a shadowy group of extremists: the Brotherhood of the Grail. 

Finding sanctuary underground, an ancient relic comes into his possession and Dan begins to understand the path his visions have laid out before him. His quest will be fraught with an otherwordly people and an event that could tip the balance in favour of human existence—or disastrously against it. The mysterious Brotherhood will do everything in their power to prevent Dan from fulfilling his destiny as the Bearer of Ouroboros.

Strange, prophetic dreams of the world’s future are a regular occurrence for Dan, but ever since he recovered from a serious, nearly fatal head injury, the dreams intensified and evolved into even more powerful, stranger visions. When a group of radicals make an attempt on his life, he is rescued by two vagabonds. He stumbles upon an ancient artifact and this unleashes a profound mystery and the truth about his future and the burden he must bear.

This dark fantasy is a unique, fast-paced read about dark secrets and powerful supernatural forces. The bonds of friendship, plenty of intrigue, and a great mystery make this a fascinating story appropriate for fantasy lovers of all ages. Definitely a fun read and a page-turner! 

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