Thursday, November 6, 2014

Allegra by Anna Lisle

Back Cover Blurb

1822: Byron's young illegitimate daughter dies in an Italian Convent, sent away from the mother who adored her. 1838: young Alice Clarke, married to a brutal man, is pursued on London's streets by a mysterious Greek man and a cloaked woman. Alice is illicitly in love with a sea captain sailing the perilous route to India around Africa. When he vanishes on a voyage, her pursuers draw her into an increasingly tense game of cat and mouse, played out between the early Victorian squalor of London's Rookeries and the splendor of its Mayfair squares. A murder in Regent's Park reinforces the message that Alice is involved in a very dangerous game. But how is she linked to a brilliant and notorious group of English poets living in Italy sixteen years earlier? Historical literary romance.


A wonderfully complex plot and an intriguing heroine make this a great book. With its fast pace and intriguing storyline, I read the novel in one sitting - it was that good! Alice/Allegra is trapped in an abusive marriage and is being followed by a Greek man and a woman in a dark cloak. Her love blooms when she meets a kind sea captain, but during one of his voyages, he mysteriously disappears. I love the two villains of this book – her cruel abusive husband who harbors dark secrets of his own and the woman who is his manipulative aunt. This story had so much to laud about! Lots of plot twists, mystery, dark secrets, intrigue, and a heroine you cannot help but love and cheer for. Highly recommended and one of my favorite books for 2014.

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