Thursday, November 20, 2014

Into the Killer Sphere by Stefania Mattana

Book Summary

What if a former British detective from Scotland Yard 

is called to solve a murder mystery in Italy? 

What if a domestic accident turns into a murder case? 

Mystery, conspiracy, drugs, family intrigues. Life is not easy in Tursenia.

Chase Williams is looking forward to a solitary week off, away from the office, when he is dragged into a strange murder mystery by his friend, Inspector Angelo Alunni. 

Piero Galli has died as a result of a chandelier falling on him and breaking his neck. It looks like an accident, but Alunni is not convinced: so who killed Galli? 

Despite his plans for a vacation, Chase ends up in a detective story; he has to unravel the knots in a high ranking family of Tursenia, a Medieval city in the heart of Italy, where appearances always come first and foremost, especially if you are wealthy. 

As well as rough-necked youths, an interrupted wedding and a handful of noisy dogs, Chase has to cope with that Italian classic: meddling neighbours.  
This is a cozy mystery novella where attention to even the tiniest detail could make the difference between leaving a killer on the loose or bringing him or her to justice. 

Will Chase take down the assassin before there are more deaths? 

Mirella Patzer

Into the Killer Sphere is the first novel in a new series - Chase Williams Detective Stories by Stefania Mattana. This cozy detective thriller and mystery is set in Italy.  Chase Williams is a retired Scotland Yard detective who has moved to Italy. When an accidental death occurs in the home of a local wealthy family, the local police are suspicious. It looks more like murder, so lead investigator, Angelo Alunni, solicits Chase's help.  

With plenty of suspects, fascinating clues, red herrings, and clever alibis, there is plenty to keep the reader on the edge of their seat guessing. And it all culminates in a gripping, satisfying ending readers will never see coming! Stefania Mattana's Italian roots and intimate knowledge of Italy brings the details of intriguing locations to the forefront in vivid imagery. 

A good cozy mystery, an engrossing storyline, and a intriguing murder mystery offer up a very fine dish indeed! Imbibe! This book is definitely worth it. Keep your eye on Stefania Mattana! She is one author worth watching. Can't wait for her next novel. 

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