Sunday, December 28, 2014

Fiery Arrow by Sheila R. Lamb

Brigid, a gifted druid priestess, seeks to preserve Ireland’s ancient religion when Christianity broaches its shores.

Through a dangerous ritual, Brigid remembers her past life – a rare power – as a goddess of the TĂșatha de Danann. 

She must hide this secret from druids in her own order who are jealous of the talent she possesses and would use their combined magic to seize her power. When she confronts Patrick, the charismatic leader of the newly-arrived Christians, she realizes they have a shared history, tied together by a bond formed lifetimes before. As Brigid persists in reminding him of their past and of his promise to help her revive the Danann, Patrick denies the deal he made as a lonely slave boy to a goddess he believed to be only in his imagination. 

Fiery Arrow is a delightful, highly imaginative story about an unlikely man and woman who come together despite their vastly different backgrounds. It is a continuation of the tale that began with a previous novel entitled, Once A Goddess. Brigid is the love child of an already married druid father who fell in love with a servant woman. His first wife refused to accept her as a second wife, so they lived separately, estranged. Patrick, the son of a wealthy nobleman is a Christian, who, through an unfortunate set of circumstances, is captured by enemies and forced into servitude. A secret bond from a time long past ties them together, as together they must unite to preserve Ireland's pagan religion.

Although Fiery Arrow follows Brigid's story that began with Once A Goddess, this novel does stand alone, and it is not necessary to have read the first book to enjoy the sencond. However, having read both stories, I recommend you read them both.

Written in an easy to enjoy prose, the story is shared between the two main characters, until they come together in their quest to resolve the past. Plenty of threatening danger to both the hero and the heroine added to the tension and conflict that kept the story unpredictable and fresh. European pagan history as Christianity swept through, gatherine momentum, is a fascinating period in history. Sheila Lamb worked hard to ensure her story educated as well as entertained. This is indeed a very rich story for anyone interested in ancient history and with Celtic roots. Highly recommended. 


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