Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The Boston Girl by Anita Diamont

When Addie Baum's 22-year old granddaughter asks her about her childhood, Addie realises the moment has come to relive the full history that shaped her. Addie Baum was a Boston Girl, born in 1900 to immigrant Jewish parents who lived a very modest life. But Addie's intelligence and curiosity propelled her to a more modern path. Addie wanted to finish high school and to go to college. She wanted a career, to find true love. She wanted to escape the confines of her family. And she did. Told against the backdrop of World War I, and written with the same immense emotional impact that has made Diamant's previous novels bestsellers, The Boston Girl is a moving portrait of one woman's complicated life in the early 20th Century, and a window into the lives of all women seeking to understand the world around them.

Opening Sentences:  Ava, sweetheart, if you ask me to talk about how I got to be the woman I am today, what do you think I'm going to say? I'm flattered you want to interview me. and when did I ever say no to my favorite grandchild? I know I say that to all of my grandchildren and I mean it every single time. That sounds ridiculous or like I'm losing my marbles, but it's true. When you're a grandmother, you will understand. 

Review by Mirella Patzer:

The Boston Girl is a sumptuous story of a grandmother named Addie Baum who describes the details of her life to her beloved granddaughter. It is a book about the vast wisdom that can only be acquired through age and experience, hardships and successes, courage and perseverance. Addie is a young Jewish girl who lives and grows up in Boston in the early 20th century. In a realistic, simple but brilliant prose, Addie tells her granddaughter of her achievements and failures. It is poignant, real, and wonderfully creative, full of little secrets and wisdoms! This is a great book for mothers and daughters to share, or for women’s book clubs. I highly recommend it! Outstanding!

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