Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Tabor's Trinket by Janet Lane

"The sound of strangers' voices woke Sharai. Ropes bindking her feet, she stumbled upright and stood on tiptoe, peering outside the forecastle at the bow of the slave ship." Opening Sentences

Amazon Bestselling Novel! This award-winning novel, released to critical acclaim in 2006, is now available in Kindle format.

Love proves perilous in this "Pretty Woman/Pride and Prejudice" historical romance tale set in 15th century England. Sold as a slave in Romania for seven pounds and three solidi, the Gypsy girl, Sharai, escapes a slave ship infected with the plague. As an adult, she performs her silky, exotic dances to earn enough to sustain herself and the toddling orphan girl she adopted. She yearns for relief from the grinding poverty, and a secure home. Having been violated by a nobleman posing as her hero, she wants naught of any other man of title, and also scorns the dubious Gypsy king who pursues her. In a tent at the bustling autumn fair in Winchester, she meets the dashing Lord Tabor, and her resolve to avoid all noblemen softens. Though possessed of a stately castle with prosperous lands, the English knight, Tabor, teeters on the brink of losing all his holdings. A powerful noble has attacked Tabor's castle, determined to seize his lands. Tabor seeks revenge for his older brother's murder, but England's throne is held by an infant king and his feuding uncles. The realm is paralyzed with uncertainty and lawlessness, and the crown has abandoned him. Then a stroke of good fortune helps Tabor, a sizeable dowry that can save his holdings. He need only wed an earl's daughter, the regal Lady Emilyne. But he has already fallen in love with Sharai, and they are locked in a powerful dance of desire. His refusal to abandon Sharai plunges them into life-and-death struggles--and a painful choice between duty and love. The story, book one in the four-volume Coin Forest series, is set in a unique period in history when Gypsies were welcomed, their travels even financed by the nobility in the countries in which they traveled. Dubbed the Gypsy social honeymoon period, it lasted for just a few decades as the Gypsies ventured into Western Europe. Growing mistrust, a waning interest in pilgrimages and increasing incidents of thievery and racial/culture clashes combined to end the honeymoon. The incidents in Tabor’s Trinket occur as the honeymoon begins to sour. 

Tabor's Trinket is the opening novel of a three book series. It is an engaging story about the love between a gypsy woman and an English lord. What makes this book stand apart from other romance novels and which has made it a bestseller is the level of conflict. Set in 15th century England, the author delves deep into history, bringing forth details about noble castles, gypsy culture, and medieval daily life. It is the love story between the two main characters that truly makes this movel come alive. It is passionate, believable, and full of plot twists where fate strikes hard to keep the two lovers apart. Nevertheless, true love always endures. There is much to like and I highly recommend it for those like me who love medieval love stories. This book is followed by Emerald Silk and Traitor's Moon.

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