Tuesday, March 24, 2015

10 Historical Inventions You Probably Didn’t Know Were Patented by Women

These Brilliant Inventions by Women Changed the World as We Know It

Original article published by Crestleaf.com

10 Incredible Things You Might Not Know Were Invented by Women
When you think about great inventors, you likely think of men such as Thomas Edison, Alexander Graham Bell and even Bill Gates. Though these men and others innovated new products that changed our modern lives for the better, they often overshadow brilliant women inventors whose incredible contributions should also be acknowledged and praised. Read more...


Sue Bursztynski said...

Actually, I did know about some of these. When researching my children's book on women in science I came across a wonderful book called Mothers Of Invention, mostly about women who had invented everyday things we take for granted but couldn't be without. And when you think about it the stuff in the chemistry lab is based on the equipment used in a kitchen and guess who invented that? :-)

I was fascinated by the story of Hedy Lamarr, the glamorous Hollywoid actress who was the joint inventor of something called frequency hopping, meant to be her contribution to submarine communication in the war. She was told that if she wanted to be helpful she would raise money selling kisses! After the war, eventually the invention was used and became the basis of the mobile phone.

Many years later she was given an award for contributions to science.

Mirella Sichirollo Patzer said...

Wow, thanks for sharing this. I never knew about some of the women in this article, and neither did I know about Hedy Lamarr. Definitely something I'm going to further research.