Thursday, May 28, 2015

The Witch of Leper Cove by Deborah Bogen

It's the 13th century and The Church is under attack. In response Pope Honorius creates The Holy Inquisition, sending his Dominicans out into the world to root out heresy. Even the tiny English hamlet of Aldinoch is not safe. 

Alice, Aldinoch's healer and young Lily Bigges' mentor, has been accused of heresy. She languishes in the dank dungeon beneath Guildford Castle, awaiting her fate. 

Lily and her brothers, Wyll and Edric, realize they must free Alice, but what can they do? In this tale of betrayal, adventure and courage, chances are taken and unexpected allies are found...will that be enough to save the Witch of Leper Cove?

Review by Mirella Patzer

Lyllie, Edric, and Wyllym suddenly find themselves orphaned and alone in the town of Aldinoch, England in the 13th century. The siblings are separated and given to local residents to raise. Lily finds herself under the guidance of Alice, the town's healer, while Wyll is sent to work hard and Edric enters the Church. Alice is kind and wise, and she tends to a group of lepers who are isolated from the community. The lives of the three siblings continue to intertwine as they each struggle to adjust to their new circumstances. A local cleric who is bent on rising to power within the church commits a fraud and he sets Alice to take the blame. What follows is an exciting, spellbinding, rush of conflict that kept me flipping pages, hooked completely on the story.

This is the kind of book that all will enjoy - young adults as well as adults. The history was well researched and weaved into the story with veracity. It is an enduring tale of love and loss, danger and victimization. More importantly, it is about strength and the will to survive despite the adversity life can throw at us. A truly lovely story! One to savor and enjoy. I loved it!

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