Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Eve: The first woman and Eve in the Beginning by HB Moore

Eve can be accredited with many firsts: the first woman, the first wife, the first sinner, the first mother. 

Created from Adam's rib to be his partner and help populate the world, Eve was curious and naieve. When the devil appears in the form of a serpent and he tempts her to eat from the forbidden fruit of the tree of knowledge so that it would improve her and that she would not die, she ultimately succumbs.

And for that, according to the Bible, Eve and all women after her are sentenced to suffer pain in childbirth, be subservient to husbands, and have many sorrows. And for centuries thereafter, it is true, women have always struggled.

But what makes Eve unique and important in Biblical history, is that although she was said to be created from man, she was the creator of all women and men born after her. 

Through her, we learned powerful lessons - to be strong, to seek wisdom, to ponder before making decisions, to be good mothers and wives, to make mistakes and recover from them.

Author H.B. Moore has re-imagined this Biblical tale and written a novel of her interpretation based on much research entitled, EVE IN THE BEGINNING.

""We can't live like this forever," I say. "Yes we can." Adam's fingertips brush my bare arm. We are lying on our backs, looking up at the golden-green leaves that filter just enough of the sun's rays to make the air only a warm, fragrant whisper around us. A quiet afternoon in our unending days of tranquility." Opening paragraph


The first love story on earth . . . Haunting . . . Lyrical . . . Unforgettable . . . In a world where everything is perfect, yet the same day after day, Eve must decide if she wants to live forever in the garden with Adam and never know what lies beyond the walls. When she makes a choice with terrible consequences, the pain of mortality is swift. As she and Adam explore their new world, and her body changes, Eve discovers the sweetness of first love with the man who has always been at her side. 

Review by Mirella Patzer and History and Women

Author H.B. Moore is best known for her stories of Biblical women. This time, she has tackled the story of Eve, the world's first mother. The story opens with Adam and Eve in the idyllic surroundings of the garden of Eden. The tree of knowledge exists nearby, but Adam is adamant that they must never eat of the fruit. From that point on, Lucifer appears in human form and tempts Eve which results in her and Adam being evicted from the garden. Outside, they struggle with life including a miscarriage, a horrific storm, and the daily struggle to survive. The story is written in first person narrative. Eve is curious about the world around her, but she is also a bit naieve. Of the two, Adam is the stronger, not only physically, but also faithfully. And of course, Luther makes his appearance as their main villain throughout the story.

This is a lovely imagining of this most important biblical woman. The author writes succinctly and simply, making it easy for all levels and ages of readers to enjoy. Well plotted, and interesting throughout, I found this a nice tale to relax with, yet with enough depth to make me ponder some more profound topics such as trust, love, fear, and faith.

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Heather Moore said...

Thanks so much for the in-depth review of EVE. I really appreciate it :-)

Mirella Sichirollo Patzer said...

You are very welcome! Keep writing! You're very talented.