Monday, June 8, 2015

Stolen by Sheila Dalton

Devon, England, 1633: Lizbet Warren’s parents are captured by Barbary Corsairs and carried off to the slave markets in Morocco. Desperate to help them, Lizbet sets out for London with the only other survivor of the raid, the red-haired orphan, Elinor, from the Workhouse for Abandoned and Unwanted Children. The unlikely pair are soon separated, and Lizbet is arrested for vagrancy. Rescued from a public whipping by a mysterious French privateer, Jean Vallee, she is taken to his Manor House in Dorchester, where he keeps her under lock and key. Later, Lizbet is captured at sea by the pirate Gentleman Jake, and forced to join his crew. She forms complex bonds with both of her captors; but never forgets her parents and uses all her skills to enlist the aid of these men to find them. Her quest leads her to the fabled courts and harems of Morocco and the tropical paradise of Barbados. 

Rich in historical detail and based on true events, Stolen is the story of a brave but very human young woman who perseveres in the face of incredible odds to establish her place in a new world. It is also the story of friendship, the mother-daughter bond, slavery both black and white -- and a daring rescue. From the author of The Girl in the Box, a Giller People’s Choice Top Ten. 

In 17th century Devon, Lizbet is the daughter of a fisherman who is away from home much of the time. Her mother sends her on an errand in town, and when she returns she discovers her entire village has been pillaged by pirates, and all the inhabitants either killed or kidnapped into slavery, except for a teen aged orphan girl. Lizbet is determined to find and free them. Together the two head to London to begin their search. When a handsome privateer from France comes to their aid, Lizbet is swept away by his charm. The book starts to bend towards a bit of erotic romance, but then that ends and we are taken into the world of pirates. Lizbet undergoes many trials and tribulations in order to gain some power in a man's world, never giving up her search for her mother and in finding freedom, security, and true love. 

From the incredibly exciting opening chapters to the very satisfying ending, this book has many subplots and plenty of action to hold anyone's interest. It's a bit of an action/adventure story, a bit erotic romance, a bit of suspense, and a little mystery all bundled up in a neat historical novel! Nicely planned and written, it has plenty of exciting, interesting characters who grow better or worse, as the case may be. This lush tale kept me guessing as to what the characters would do next throughout! An excellent tale, that's for sure! And I loved the stunning cover!

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