Thursday, August 13, 2015

Going Home by James D. Shipman

Opening Paragraph: Joseph woke to the high-pitched shrieking of the rebel yell. His heart nearly pounded out of his chest while he groped for his rifle in the rain and the mud. He grasped wood and steel, releasing his breath as he found his weapon. The screaming drew closer. He heard panicked shouting from the trenches of officers trying desperately to rouse the men. He peeked his head over the lip of the trench but could see nothing., not even a few feet in front of him. It had to be the middle of the night. Something was terribly wrong, but he couldn't focus.

Synopsis:  Brought to the New World from Ireland, young Joseph Forsyth is soon betrayed by his alcoholic father and separated from his beloved family. As he grows older, he finds his kind nature exploited by others—including an alluring young woman named Lucy—until he gets swept away by the conflict that divides a nation.

After the bloody siege of Petersburg, Joseph floats in and out of consciousness at a Union army hospital. Keeping vigil at his side is Rebecca Walker, a nurse and widow all too familiar with the horrors of war. As Joseph fights for his life and Rebecca struggles to follow her heart, both face a devastating choice: whether to hang on to the wounds of the past or move on to an uncertain future.

From the fields of Ireland to the metropolis of Quebec to the battlefields of Virginia, Going Home follows one man’s quest for his place in a world still healing from the wreckage of war.



As I began reading this novel, it became immediately apparent why this has been a #1 Bestseller on Amazon. Based on a true story, author James D. Shipman has brought to life an utterly compelling protaganist by the name of Joseph Forsyth. The plight of this character from his childhood throughout the novel is at times heart-wrenching, victorious, and amazingly impressive, a very true and believable hero.

The characters in the story are so real, so believable, I could not help but become totally engrossed in many conflicts and trials they faced during the Civil War era. More importantly, the author has introduced the plight of the Irish immigrant who fled extreme poverty only to find themselves face to face with prejudice and new hardships.

More importantly, this is a story about a man of honor and great character, one who earned his respect and teaches us all what it means to truly be of high moral standard, perseverence, tolerance, and many more lessons. I urge you to purchase this rich and vibrant novel. You won't be sorry.   

Thank you to the author and publisher. I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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