Saturday, August 1, 2015

Jasper's Lament by Katherine Pym


London 1664. The 2nd Anglo/Dutch war is imminent, and England prepares against the threat.

After his father’s mysterious death, Jasper’s world is thrown into chaos. Coded messages, letters penned with invisible ink, and chests of gold appear from unknown sources. Dangerous symbols in unexpected places drag Jasper deeper into a conspiracy not of his making.

Torn between his new found love for a Dutchman’s daughter, and his loyalty to the king, Jasper struggles with dark forces. If he ferrets out the plotters that plan to tear England apart, will he lose the one woman he loves?


This novel draws an atmospheric and accurate picture of 17th Century London where the population is poised for a war everyone dreads and no one wants. The restoration of King Charles is still new and his having married a Catholic princess is not a popular decision for everyone. Matters of religion are also uppermost in everyone’s minds as after twelve years of Puritan rule, the Anglican Church flexes its muscles and Jasper Pitt finds himself on the wrong side.

Having reconciled to the death of his rigid and parsimonious father, Jasper discovers his parent wasn’t all his son believed. Both friends and relatives have secrets which Jasper unearths with disbelief then shock. When he falls for Placidia, a Dutch girl who may be involved in the plot for the war everyone believes will come, he is thrown into a quandary as to whether to expose her relatives, or risk being accused of spying by association.

Ms Pym's extensive research portrays the narrow streets of London, where Jasper has weaved a complicated web for himself among religious zealots and political schemers with skill and suspense. An enjoyable read for historical fans interested in a side of 17th Century London outside the royal court.

Anita Davison author of ‘Royalist Rebel’ under the name Anita Seymour. Her latest venture is a Victorian cosy mystery scheduled for release in June 2015 from Robert Hale. 

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Thank you to the author and publisher. I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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