Monday, September 21, 2015

Lamp Black Wolf Grey by Paula Brackston

Opening Sentences: In the darkness something scuttled. The girl shivered in the chilling damp of the small room. The dead grey stone of the walls seemed to drain the warmth from her body. Even in her heavy velvet gown she felt naked, exposed, vulnerable.

Book Synopsis:  Artist Laura Matthews finds her new home in the Welsh mountains to be a place so charged with tales and legends that she is able to reach through the gossamer-fine veil that separates her own world from that of myth and fable.
She and her husband Dan have given up their city life and moved to Blaencwm, an ancient longhouse high in the hills. Here she hopes that the wild beauty will inspire her to produce her best art and will give her the baby they have longed for. But this high valley is also home to others, such as Rhys the charismatic loner who pursues Laura with fervor. And Anwen, the wise old woman from the neighboring farm who seems to know so much but talks in riddles. And then there is Merlin.
Lamp Black, Wolf Grey tells both Laura's story and Merlin's. For once he too walked these hills, with his faithful grey wolf at his heel. It was here he fell in love with Megan, nurse-maid to the children of the hated local noble, Lord Geraint. Merlin was young, at the start of his renowned career as a magician, but when he refuses to help Lord Geraint it is Megan who may pay the price.
From New York Times bestselling author Paula Brackston, Lamp Black, Wolf Grey is an enchanting tale of love and magic featuring her signature blend of gorgeous writing, an intriguing historical backdrop, and a relatable heroine that readers are sure to fall in love with.

Lamp Black, Wolf Grey is a blend of gothic, romance, time-travel, and mystery. Laura is a character of current day whose life becomes intertwined with that of a 13th century young woman named Megan. Merlin of King Arthur's era also is a prominent character in this novel. Set in an ancient croft in the mountains of Wales, the atmospheric, almost haunting tone with plenty of secrets, permeates each page. The author writes in a compelling way striking a good balance between description and pace. She skilfully evokes the mystical history of Wales as a backdrop for a tale filled with passion that does not shy away from a bit of violence and gore. For readers who like elements of fantasy weaved into their historical fiction, this one should definitely satisfy. 

Thank you to the author and publisher. I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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