Thursday, February 25, 2016

Hairstyles of Ancient Times

Today’s hair fashion industry offers women thousands of different haircuts, colors and textures. Women with long and short, thick and thin hair can find something to their task of looking beautiful and attractive. But was it always like this? Could women in ancient Greece, for example, change their hairstyles every month? Was it possible to change a hair color? Let`s find it out and read fashion hair tendencies of ancient world.


In Egypt woman`s haircuts were like markers of social status, age and wealth. Young girls wore different ponytails and braids. Some of lower classes had to shave their heads clean. With aging, when the first grey strands of hair began to appear, women wore wigs to hide them. Women wore wigs even if they didn’t have grey hair, to hide hair loss. Moreover, wigs helped protect their heads and hair from the burning sun. Shoulder length hair was typical for men and women of Egypt at that time.


In the country of gods and mythology, women used to pull their hair back into a chignon. It was typical for women to have a long hair, much longer than the length once worn in Egypt. Many hairstyles consisted of different braids  and were decorated with flowers, pieces of metal, ribbons and headbands. Greek women loved to dye their hair in red or blonde color, because they were considered to be the rarest hair colors. Ancient Grecian hairstyles also involved sprinkling gold powder into the hair.


In China, women`s haircuts and hair length depended on the material status and age of the woman. Older women had very long hair, and it was considered disrespectful for them to cut it. Young girls and unmarried women usually braided their hair. Married women wore high hairdos with several loose curls, as a sign of marriage. Many Chinese women used a hair piece called a Buyao.

Now that you know some of the hair secrets of ancient China, Greece and Egypt, how do you like them? Maybe it would be great to bring these traditions to life again.

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lol it was so impressive to see the ancient times hair styles, those were cool too, according to that time, we can imagine these how these hair styles will be considered