Monday, March 21, 2016

Far Beyond Rubies by Rosemary Morris

Set in 1706 in England during Queen Anne Stuart’s reign, Far Beyond Rubies begins when William, Baron Kemp, Juliana’s half-brother, claims she and her young sister, Henrietta, are bastards. Spirited Juliana is determined to prove the allegation is false, and that she is the rightful heiress to Riverside, a great estate.

On his way to deliver a letter to William, Gervaise Seymour sees Juliana for the first time on the grounds of her family home. The sight of her draws him back to India. When “her form changed to one he knew intimately—but not in this lifetime,” Gervaise knows he would do everything in his power to protect her.

Although Juliana and Gervaise are attracted to each other, they have not been formally introduced and assume they will never meet again. However, when Juliana flees from home, and is on her way to London, she encounters quixotic Gervaise at an inn. Circumstances force Juliana to accept his kind help. After Juliana’s life becomes irrevocably tangled with his, she discovers all is not as it seems. Yet, she cannot believe ill of him for, despite his exotic background, he behaves with scrupulous propriety, while trying to help her find evidence to prove she and her sister are legitimate.


Whenever I open a book written by author Rosemary Morris, it truly feels as if I'm entering a fascinating period in history that is so real, that I can clearly envision everything. That's because the author truly knows her English history and knows how to skilfully weave it into a story filled with romance and mystery with a touch of humor. 

In Far Beyond Rubies, we are swept into England's Queen Anne era where our heroine, Juliana, is at the mercy of her heartless brother and his cold wife as they manipulate her fortune and ownership of Riverside House. Claiming that Juliana and her younger sisters are their father's bastard children, he plans to marry Juliana off to a scoundrel and ship Henrietta off to school. 

Enter the dashing Gervaise Seymour, a mysterious widower who has just returned from India after having made his fortune there. He is drawn to Juliana and her plight, determined to ascertain the truth and free Juliana from the clutches of her greedy half brother.

This lovely, sweet historical romance is not only touching, it is ripe with fascinating characters, an intricate plot, and wonderful descriptions that help you visualize the fashions and architectures of the time. If you are a fan of English Historical Romance, definitely pick up one of this author's books today! You won't be disappointed.

Thank you to the author and publisher. I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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