Thursday, May 19, 2016

CALL TO JUNO - Elisabeth Storrs

“An elegant, impeccably researched exploration of early Rome...Elisabeth Storrs weaves a wonderful tale!” —Kate Quinn, author of The Empress of Rome saga
Four unforgettable characters are tested during a war between Rome and Etruscan Veii.
Caecilia has long been torn between her birthplace of Rome and her adopted city of Veii. Yet faced with mounting danger to her husband, children, and Etruscan freedoms, will her call to destroy Rome succeed?
Pinna has clawed her way from prostitute to the concubine of the Roman general Camillus. Deeply in love, can she exert her own power to survive the threat of exposure by those who know her sordid past?
Semni, a servant, seeks forgiveness for a past betrayal. Will she redeem herself so she can marry the man she loves?
Marcus, a Roman tribune, is tormented by unrequited love for another soldier. Can he find strength to choose between his cousin Caecilia and his fidelity to Rome?
Who will overcome the treachery of mortals and gods?
Call to Juno is the third book in the Tales of Ancient Rome saga, which includes The Wedding Shroud and The Golden Dice.


For those who have been following this trilogy, you're in for another treat with this, the third book in the series. And for those who haven't, you don't have to read the first two books to enjoy this one, but I urge you to read The Wedding Shroud, the first book, and follow along from beginning to end. Yup, the books are that good! 

There are many reasons why I fell in love with this series. One of the main reasons is because of its Ancient Etruscan and Roman settings. The author, Elisabeth Storrs has done an incredible amount of research into these ancient Italian cultures, which lends much credibility and authenticity to her novels. 

Etruscan vs Roman - two very different cultures - clash and are at war. At the heart of this turmoil is our protaganist, a native of Rome, but accepted into the highest ranks of the Etruscans. This is a book that has plenty of fascinating characters - eery soothsayers, slaves, cunning prostitutes, and mighty military men to name a few. Betrayal, intrigue, and the brutality of war provide the fodder for the characters to evolve and react to their circumstances in sometimes unpredictable ways. 

This books has it all! Beautiful prose, lush descriptions, a wonderfully evil villain, and a heroine and hero to fall in love with. Definitely recommended. One of my favorite trilogies!      

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