Sunday, August 21, 2016

Book Launch Announcement! Brotherhood of Iron by Frank P. Slaughter

Brotherhood of Iron, the second novel of the Castor family trilogy, tells the story of four brothers as they strike out to find adventure in the rapidly changing world of the early 20th century. Two of the brothers join the Marine Corps and find themselves on the greatest killing fields of WWI, one ships out on a Great Lakes freighter and meets his waterloo on a violent and seedy industrial waterfront, and one finds forbidden love in a gritty mining town in Michigan’s wild Upper Peninsula. Brotherhood of Iron traces its impact upon not only the brothers, but also on the life of a beautiful but haunted French war bride who is forced to flee her own country and carve out a new life in America. Brotherhood of Iron is a richly layered story set against the backdrop of historical events. It’s all here: war, tragedy, romance, and redemption. Be prepared to laugh and cry.

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