Sunday, November 6, 2016

The Years that Followed by Catherine Dunn

Acclaimed international bestseller Catherine Dunne’s thrilling US debut is the story of two wronged women bent on revenge at all costs. Revenge is sweeter than regret...

Dublin. Calista is young, beautiful, and headstrong. When she falls in love with the charming, older Alexandros and moves to his native Cyprus, she could never imagine that her whirlwind courtship would lead to a dark and violent marriage. But Calista learns to survive. She knows she will find peace when she can finally seek retribution.

Madrid. Pilar grew up with very little means in rural Spain and finally escaped to a new life. Determined to leave poverty behind her, she plunges into a life of working hard and saving money. Enchanted by an older man, Pilar revels in their romance, her freedom, and accruing success. She’s on the road to achieving her dreams. Yet there is one thing that she is still searching for, the one thing she knows will make her truly happy.

Sweeping across the lush European backdrops of Spain, Greece, and Ireland, The Years That Followed is a gripping, modern telling of a classic story. As two wronged women plot for revenge, their intricately crafted schemes send shockwaves through their families that will echo for many generations to come.


Whenever I see the words "International Bestseller" I know that the book will be an excellent read. Such is the case here. I was hooked from the very first pages. The story unfolds around the lives of two women - Calista, the daughter of a well-to-do successful business man, and Pilar who flees her home after her mother's death to escape a life of poverty and servitude to her father and brothers. 

For Calista, what starts off as great loves, turns into something much darker and a bit sinister. For Pilar, she falls in love, but finds herself embroiled in difficulties as she works towards raising herself out of poverty. 

The author kept me guessing as to how these two women were connected until the very end. Their individual plights and struggles engaged me, reinforcing the understanding that each of us is responsible for their own destiny - and with effort and hope, we can each rise above whatever adversity we face in our own lives. Believable, powerful, and invigorating! All that is wrong, can be made right! Highly recommended! 

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