Friday, March 24, 2017

The Life and Times of Persimmon Wilson by

For fans of Cold Mountain and The Invention of Wings comes “a tour de force of historical fiction” (Henry Wiencek, author of Master of the Mountain) that follows the epic journey of a slave-turned-Comanche warrior who travels from the brutality of a New Orleans sugar cane plantation to the indomitable frontier of an untamed Texas, searching not only for the woman he loves but so too for his own identity.

I have been to hangings before, but never my own.

Sitting in a jail cell on the eve of his hanging, April 1, 1875, freedman Persimmon “Persy” Wilson wants nothing more than to leave some record of the truth—his truth. He may be guilty, but not of what he stands accused: the kidnapping and rape of his former master’s wife.

In 1860, Persy had been sold to Sweetmore, a Louisiana sugar plantation, alongside a striking, light-skinned house slave named Chloe. Their deep and instant connection fueled a love affair and inspired plans to escape their owner, Master Wilson, who claimed Chloe as his concubine. But on the eve of the Union Army’s attack on New Orleans, Wilson shot Persy, leaving him for dead, and fled with Chloe and his other slaves to Texas. So began Persy’s journey across the frontier, determined to reunite with his lost love. Along the way, he would be captured by the Comanche, his only chance of survival to prove himself fierce and unbreakable enough to become a warrior. His odyssey of warfare, heartbreak, unlikely friendships, and newfound family would change the very core of his identity and teach him the meaning and the price of freedom.

From the author of the New York Times Notable Book Life Without WaterThe Life and Times of Persimmon Wilson is a sweeping love story that “is as deeply moving and exciting an American saga as has ever been penned” (Lee Smith, author of Dimestore).


If you buy this book, prepare yourself to be utterly absorbed about a good, honest man, but also a poor black slave turned free who wanders and ultimately becomes a prisoner. On the eve of his execution, he recalls his life, his love, and all the events that led him to the gallows. 

Author Nancy Peacock thrusts readers deep into this man's heart and soul, giving us great insight into the tumultuous era in which he lived and loved. Persimmon's motivation is his great love for a woman. It is this love that leads him on a search despite the danger and trouble he will encounter. For her, he risks all, and it endeared this character to me. 

The tale is heart-wrenching and visceral, emotional and rich. One of the best stories I've ever read. Get this book now! It is sure to please and will stay with you a very long time.

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