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Beauty Secrets of the Victorian Era

Beautiful, amazing magnificent – it is all about the Victorian era. Stiff manners, stiffer corsets, extreme moral conservatism and minimum makeup – all these was compensated by huge and gorgeous haircuts. Nineteenth-century women revealed their secrets of being beautiful and keeping a man. Read our article and dive into this atmosphere of dancing, ball gowns and young and fresh beauty. The Body Pale skin and complexion at the Victorian era were marks of celebrity and high social status. Women used different poisons like masks and pills to lose weight and get “sick look”, which was so coveted at that time. Makeup It was unacceptable for woman of high class to buy cosmetics. Their motto was “natural skin and minimum makeup”. E ye shadows were made with antimony sulfide, lipsticks with mercuric sulfide; blushes were simply beet juice. But that all was used very gentle, because the main concept was to look like you don’t wear makeup at all. Dark circles under your e