Sunday, September 11, 2022

Trekking Through History - An exciting new game by Underdog Games


I’m a history buff, so when I saw this new game, Trekking Through History, I was excited to share my impressions of it. It’s a time-travel game promises to carry its players to some of the world’s most fascinating periods of history via a time travel machine. And there we will be immersed in the events and the characters involved.


The stunning artwork on the outer box appealed to me right away. And when I unboxed the game, I was immediately impressed with the high quality of all the components.

The game is meant for 2 to 4 players and is suitable for ages 10+. The box includes:

·       108 History cards

·       12 Ancestor cards

·       1 clock (cardboard)

·       1 playmat

·       4 Pocket Watches

·       4 Player Point markers

·       84 Experience tokens (20 Person, 18 Event, 16 Innovation, 16 Progress, 14 Wild)

·       20 Time Crystals

·       4 Crystal Tanks

·       24 Itineraries

·       4 Reference Cards

·       1 Rulebook

·       1 Date index

·       24 Time Warp cards

·       4 Time Warp markers

·       1 Time Warp rulebook

The neoprene play mat will easily bear the wear and tear of many hours of play time. There are pretty crystals, itineraries, Time Warp cards, date indexes, explorer tokens, and more which intrigued me.


The History and Ancestor cards are beautiful, rendered in an artistic/vintage style. On the back, they are peppered with historical facts in a way that teaches but does not bore. They are also sturdy enough to sustain lots of use. Player tokens are colorful pocket watches which are moved around a larger clock. The many parts, cards, and tokens give the impression the game will be complex, but this is not the case.

Players take a three-day tour through history through eras spanning from BC to the 20th Century. One each of the three days, players must strategize and spend a certain amount of time at historical events. Treks are to be completed in chronological order too. While doing so, they check off items on their itinerary list, collect cards, tokens, points, and crystals. After three rounds, the player with the most points is declared the winner.

You need not know very much about history to play. It’s not a test of your knowledge. Rather, it teaches. I have to admit, I found Trekking Through History to be far more than a board game. It’s a great learning experience for people of all ages. It kept us entertained for a good hour and spurred a lot of great conversation between us as we played. It even heated up our competitive natures as we shrieked out our victories and groaned about our missteps along the way. 

Definitely high on my favourites list, I highly recommend this game for families. What a wonderful way to learn about history!  

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