Those of you who know me well, know that I've been researching the Ottonian Empire since 2002. The roots of the Ottonian Empire are in Germany - Quedlinburg, Magdeburg, Erfurt, and many others. I've collected numerous books, texts, and photos. The only thing missing is that I have never been there - yet.

Quedlinburg was the main residence of Heinrich and his wife Matilde, the characters in my novel Heinrich the Fowler. My current work in progress, A Scarlet Mantle, is strictly about Matilde in first person narrative.

I found this video on YouTube and although many of the structures that existed in the 10th century may not be there, much has been preserved. Quedlinburg is a Unesco World Site. This video helps give me a feel for the area and the times.

One day, I hope to visit and place a flower on the grave of my heroine.

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Gabriele C. said…
Hi, reading up on your backlog.

That video reminds me a lot of my first visit to Quedlingburg shortly after the Wall fell. More has been repaired and restored now, though work is still going on (like the scaffolding outside the church).

I have some pics of Magdeburg (*makes note about writing a blogpost*), and I can get photos of Erfurt if you can wait until spring - the days are too short now for tours that require several hours driving to get to a place.