10th Century Hook Fastener

I came across this piece of jewelery at a website called Timelines. To view the item that is listed there for sale, click on this link: http://time-lines.co.uk/sf-009504-15133-0.html

This Saxon 'Animal Interlace' Hook Fastener is made of silver, weighs 3.25 grams, and is 35.69 mm in length. It is from the 10th A.D. This large hook fastener has three triangular panels each containing an intricate interlaced beast.

In the middle is a large applied globular boss rivet, and a dashed line border around the perimeter. In two corners are holes for stitching to clothing with a hook below for fastening. A very large and rare example of a silver hook fastener with a stunning zoomorphic interlace typical of the late Saxon period. Extremely Fine condition and Excessively Rare. From an old collection.

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