My Name is Mary Sutter

 Reviewed by Ginger Simpson

If you’re used to short reads, this 300 plus page book might frighten you, but be assured that you’ll finish much sooner than expected because you can’t put it down.  My Name is Mary Sutter by Robin Oliveira is touted as a courageous epic, a captivating love story, and stars a fearless heroine.  All claims are true.  The novel is filled with historical facts brought to life in vivid details by a talented author.  If you appreciate reading about the American Civil War, then this is an outstanding selection to make. Even if you aren’t a civil war buff, you’ll enjoy this engrossing story.

Mary Sutter is determined to become a physician during a time when women weren’t allowed such a distinguished status.  The stronger of two twins, Mary follows the tradition of her mother and grandmother and becomes a practicing midwife.  Who better to tend to the ‘laying up’ of women than another female?  However, limiting herself to birthing babies isn’t fulfilling enough.

Mary is determined to learn about the entire human body.  When the man she loves falls for and weds her sister, Mary becomes even more determined to immerse herself in medicine.  If it takes shadowing someone on the battlefield, she’s resolved to do just that.

Reading this book is like watching an epic television movie, and you are front and center during the action.  The horrible loss of life and limb are a very real part of history during this time period, and Ms. Oliveira paints her written picture with a broad and colorful brush.  You’ll appreciate the unwavering determination of the heroine and appreciate every aspect of My Name is Mary Sutter.

This cover is the hardcover.  The one featured above is for the paperback version.

This publication is presented by the Penguin Group.

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