The Highway of Heroes - A Tribute

The Canadian Highway of Heroes - A tribute to all our military loved ones

Here in Canada, when one of our beloved soldiers pays the ultimate sacrifice, he or she is carried from the airport to the military base along a stretch of highway from Trenton, Ontario to Toronto, Ontario. No matter the weather, even in sub zero storms, men, women, and children will line this route to pay tribute and pray for their fallen heroes on their way to their final resting place. The road has now been officially renamed as The Highway Of Heroes. May God Bless our Soldiers and their families for their sacrifice.

There is a heart-wrenching song that is being aired on radio stations across Canada about The Highway of Heroes. A band named The Trews has donated all royalties from this song to our veterans. The song is entitled "The Highway of Heroes" and can be downloaded on iTunes. Here is the music video version.

And let us not forget our courageous women

And here is one last tribute to our Australian colleagues


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Sarah Ettritch said…
What a wonderful set of videos! My partner and I happened to be driving down the 401 when a hero was expected. It was remarkable, and incredibly moving, to see all the people waiting on the overpasses.

I think I'll use the top video on my own blog tomorrow, for Remembrance Day.
Mirella Patzer said…
Thank you Sarah for visiting and leaving me this comment. How lucky for you that you were able to see and participate in such a moving event. I'm out here in Western Canada and I've been able to witness bits and pieces on the news.

Please do share the video - the more people who are aware, the better.