Wicked Woman - Sarah Wilson - The Princess Imposter

A trusted servant in Queen Charlotte's court, Sarah Wilson ran off with several of the queen's most cherished possessions: a diamond necklace, a painted miniature, and one of her most elegant gowns. 

After hiding the loot, and before she could pawn them off, she was caught and was soon sentenced to death. A last minute reprieve from Queen Charlotte, commuted Sarah's sentence to be banished and sent to America to be sold to colonists there. Even though her new master was kindhearted, Sarah ran away. Still in possession of the stolen goods, she fled to South Carolina. Dressed in the fine gown, with the miniature of Queen Charlotte herself suspended from the diamond necklace, Sarah claimed she was the Marchionesse de Waldegrave - the queen's sister. 

Society clamored for her presence at their lavish dinners and balls and levees at the most opulent mansions in the South. Soon, however, her past caught up with her and she was exposed as an imposter. Sarah fled once more, this time to the North! Incredible how a lowly criminal duped American High Society!

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Sue Bursztynski said…
It doesn't surprise me. American High Society has always been like that.. Even in the last century, they were elbowing each other out of the way to meet Prince Charles and Princess Diana and there have been Presidents who boasted they were distantly related to the British royals. And in a Republic!Dear dear me... 😊 The snobs deserved it!