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Pesto Sauce is from Genoa and the Ligurian Coast

The ancient port city of Genoa and the Ligurian Coast made an excellent backdrop for my novel, Bloodstone Castle. It is where Pesto sauce originated from. Pasta is usually associated with Italy, even if it's cooked all around the world, in different ways. But is always leads to Italian life style. Years ago the Italian "mammas" used to make pasta by themselves. Nowadays (things have changed) they usually buy it for everyday use in the supermarket and used to make at home ravioli, tagliatelle and some other specialties for festive occasions. It looks like a loss, but it's not! Of course we want the "mammas" to keep the tradition, but now anyone can cook a good dish of pasta without needing to have extra time to make pasta at home. The Italian kitchen is turning more natural and easy, without losing its characteristics, allowing all of us to prepare tasty and easy dishes, as the following "pasta al pesto". Pasta has no season, but its sauce has! Spr

A fun Mother's Day Tribute

In honor of Mother's Day, I found a wonderful article written by a husband whose wife doesn't work. What I liked most about it was that he recognizes his wife's hard work in the home. Here's the link: or simply click on the title of the post.


One of my current works in progress, A Crimson Mantle is a novel about Matilde, wife of Heinrich the Fowler and mother to Otto the Great. Quedlinburg was their home. Today it is a Unesco World Heritage Site. I found this video on You Tube and it certainly sweeps me back into her time and is a wonderful creative tool for me as I write her story. One day, I will likely travel there, but for now, I can dream through the likes of this video.