A Truly Evil Antagonist

Sometimes I read to escape and sometimes I read to learn. Bloodstone Castle is intended to be a complete escape and a page turner. Ernesto, the Duke of Savona, is the bad guy in this story. Desperate, ambitious, determined, I made him pure evil. Why? Because I believe that just as we need true heros to model ourselves after, we also need true villains so we know who not to model ourselves after.

I never intended Ernesto of Savona to be so evil in my story. It just happened as I wrote. These pictures are exactly how I envisioned him as I wrote. He really does create havoc in whoever's world he invades, evil incarnate, hatefully arrogant.

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Gabriele C. said…
Well, he's sexily evil. :)

Thank you for the kind words on my blog. I've added yours to my sidebar as well. Good luck with the writing.
i agree he is sexy evil.