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10th Century Pocket Sundial

Pocket Saxon Sundial I was research 10th century Saxon houses and came across this fascinating entry by the BBC. You can click on the following link to read it in its original format: "This watch is one of the only Benedictine sundials of its size in known existence. This Anglo-Saxon portable sundial is the oldest watch in the English speaking world. It's a pendant, a fob, a personal timepiece, a talisman and a real collector's treasure. It’s thought to have been made by St. Dunstan who was a silversmith based at the Cathedral. It was found in the cloisters of the Cathedral in 1948 during excavations, but how it got there is a mystery as St. Dunstan lived in a totally different part of the old cathedral, which burnt down. Presenter Jonathan Foyle says: "This is an object that totally changed the way we keep track of time. It’s extremely rare, one of the earliest examples, and very delicate....&q